Meet the Area Representatives for 2019-20

The APA facilitates a network of trained Area Representatives (ARs for short). ARs often serve as an initial point of contact for members seeking guidance in understanding and applying the contract to their work environment. We thank the AR’s for their willingness to help distribute association materials and keep the APA Executive Board informed of important developments on campus.  A list of current AR’s for 2019-20 is below.


Jared Andrews

James Bender

Darius Bradly

Jim Brinker

Ian Cameron

Chong Anna Canfora

Michael Chumbley

Katherine Cusick

Heather Dover

Matt Evans

Becky Jo Farrington

George Harris

Cynthia Helms

Kaleigh Jaeger-Hale

Gerlind Kiupel

Heather Litts

Erik Maillard

Jamie Lynn Marks

Alison Virag McCann

Paula Palmiter

Anna-Marie Rodriquez-Pelizzari

Jeremy Romel

Amanda Ross

Jennifer Sergeant

Tammy Slocum

Steven Smith

Angela Sorrels-Jones

Erin West

Lisa Wilton

Andrea Worful


A complete list of AR’s by building location and their contact information can be found at If there is not an AR in your building, there is one nearby who is willing to assist.


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