Election Process for the MSU APA

2022-2025 APA Representation Election 

By Sue Brandt

 This message is being presented on behalf of the 2021 APA Election Committee to help educate members on the election process. The APA election process is governed by the APA Constitution and Bylaws. 

 A Nominations and Elections Committee is appointed each year in January. The committee will determine the timeline and dates of the election and communicate information to the membership including how many positions and what type are open and explain the nominations and elections process.  

Elections are to be held annually and shall be conducted by March 31. Terms on the APA Executive Board are staggered each year and seats are elected for three years for a period of 9/1 through 8/31. If any vacancies have occurred on the board, elections to fill the remaining terms of open seats are held at the same time. Should a vacancy occur, the APA president may appoint a member in good standing to the Executive Board to serve until the vacancy is filled in the next election. 

The Executive Board is the governing body of the APA except when meetings of the membership are in session. The duties, responsibilities, and authority for conduct of the Association in all matters except as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws rests with the Executive Board. The Board meets monthly August through June. An annual meeting schedule is adopted by the board. Board members also are appointed to one or more APA committees and may have committee chair responsibilities. 

Since the APA is part of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and the National Education Association (NEA), there are duties associated with these affiliates which include some daytime, evening and weekend events. These include the Representative Assembly (RA), Region Council and other appropriate meetings to keep the APA informed of actions by these bodies. Elections for MEA and NEA Representative Assembly Delegate/Region Council Delegate positions are also held in March as part of the APA election process. By far the biggest responsibility of the RA delegate is to attend the two different representative assemblies as a voice representing the APA members and participate in any votes/elections. The MEA RA is a two-day event held on a Friday and Saturday during spring semester, and the NEA RA is at minimum, a five-day event held in early July coinciding with the July 4th holiday and includes attending a full day of meetings on July 4th. As an example, the NEA RA tentative dates for this upcoming year are July 2-6, 2022. The dates and locations vary each year for this in-person event. 

Individuals must be APA members in good standing to nominate or be nominated. Specific information on the 2022 election will be shared with membership via the ListServ and/or APA newsletter. 

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