Area Representative (AR) Spotlight – Michael Chumbley

What’s your job title?

Laboratory Technologist.


What area of campus (this refers to the area rep info on the APA website, like, East, South, North, etc.) building and department do you work in?

South end, off campus at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.


How long have you been at MSU?

9 years.


How long have you been an Area Representative for APA?

About 1 year.


Why is being a member of the Union important to you, and what value does APA bring?


It’s very reassuring to have someone to turn to should any questions or concerns arise in the workplace.


What words of advice do you have for new hires at MSU?

There are a lot of benefits and resources available for MSU employees. Be sure to take full advantage of them. 


What do you love about working at MSU?

Working at MSU allows you to meet people with many different backgrounds both foreign and domestic. It’s interesting to learn about what other people do outside of work. I’ve had the opportunity to meet several people from different countries and continue to stay in touch with them.


What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

We are a busy family and as such I enjoy watching my kids partake in their many activities of figure skating, ice hockey, soccer, ballet, and softball. I’ve recently been introduced to the sport of curling and I can say it is harder than it looks. In the summer, there’s a good chance I’m either golfing and trying to improve my game (keyword is “trying”), or away at a flea market somewhere. When time permits I also enjoy reading about and collecting World War II history. 

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