Area Representative (AR) Spotlight – Erik Maillard

Area Representative (AR) Spotlight – Erik Maillard

What is your job title? Assistant Director for Student Government Advising in the Department of Student Life.

What area of campus (this refers to the area rep info on the APA website, like, East, South, North, etc.) building and department do you work in? North Neighborhood, Student Services Building, Department of Student Life

How long have you been at MSU? Six (6) Years this July 14.

How long have you been an Area Representative? About five years with two years on the APA Executive Board.

Why is being a member of the Union important to you and what value does it bring? Being in the APA Union is important because strength comes in numbers. The Union provides members with the resources to navigate their working environment while understanding their rights. I am extremely grateful that the Union has been able to maintain our low to no-cost health care coverage.

What words of advice do you have for the new hires at MSU? Get involved on campus, attend events, go to a sporting event, take advantage of your educational benefits, and get to know other staff members. You will find that MSU is full of caring and hardworking individuals.

What do you love about working at MSU? I personally like working with our student leaders on campus. I have served as the advisor for the Associated Students of Michigan State University for the past three years and I am inspired about what our current students are capable of accomplishing.

What do you like to do when you are not at work? I enjoy building, gardening, and playing with my kids. It is amazing how the three of these activities are closely integrated in my life.

Some personal information from Erik.

I have no pets, but two kids.

I like Folk music and my favorite artist is Gordan Lightfoot.

My favorite area restaurant is Harry’s Place of Westside, Lansing and my favorite dish is their pizza.

The AR’s are appointed by the Executive Board and their role is to assist with distributing APA materials and information and to serve as a resource for members. AR’s are assigned to a geographic area of campus, so if there is not an AR in your immediate building, you can find one nearby. For a list of AR’s go to

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