Area Representatives

The Administrative-Professional Association facilitates a network of Area Representatives. ARs are considered an initial point of contact for members seeking guidance in understanding and applying the contract to their work environment.  Other duties of ARs include distributing Association materials upon request of the Executive Board and keeping the Association Chairperson and Executive Board informed of important developments on campus.

Here is a map of the breakdown of the areas.

MSU APA Area Map
MSU APA Area Map

A PDF version may be found here: APA Area Map

If you are facing immediate issues regarding discipline, layoff, or termination, please call the APA Office directly: (517) 999-4004

Area Representative Liaisons:

Martin McDonough

Patricia Hampton

Shannon Alston

For more information on the Area Representative program, please contact:

Patricia Hampton at


Becky Jo Farrington Natural Science (517) 432-9738
Juan Flores-Soto Office of CUltural & Academic Transition (OCAT) (517) 353-9590
Tiffany Norwood Department of Police and Public Safety (517) 432-7918
Angela Sorrells-Jones MSU Union (517) 432-1581
Kasey Wilson Library (517) 884-0850


Lisa Goforth Physiology (517) 884-5125
Gerlind Kiupel FRIB (517)-908-7734
John Resotko MSU College of Law (517)-432-6836
Apa Victory Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) (517) 908-7556
Erin West Owen (517) 432-2262
Andrea Worful Community Music School (517) 884-4824



Jim Brinker Clinical Center Tower B (517) 884-0457
Ian Cameron 195 Cresent Road ste. 27 (517) 884-3095
Elbony Hawkins 4000 Collins Road, Ste #220 (517) 884-3015
Steve Smith 4000 Collins Road (517) 884-6019
Kristina Wilson 4000 Collins Rd. (517) 432-5409


Darius Bradley Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) (517) 884-8972
Laurie Brinker Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) (517) 353-4416
Cindy Helms Kellogg Center (517) 353-8977
Kaleigh Jaeger-Hale Engineering (517) 884-7955


Charles Rivers (Chuck) Government Relations (313) 578-9708


None at this time

Grand Rapids

Heather Litts Secchia Center (616) 234-2700