Interviewed with Frank Tramble, Development Officer I for University Advancement.


I asked Frank about his work at MSU and it is clear that he truly enjoys what he does.  Frank attended college at MSU, and worked as a student for what was at the time MSU Telemarketing.  He returned as a staff member to Michigan State University about 5 years ago, and his passion for student development is palpable.    Upon his return to MSU, Frank has revitalized the telephone fundraising effort to the  MSU Green Line- the largest calling program in the Big Ten that employs over 200 students a semester.  In fact, Frank enjoys his position and work so much that he commuted from Ann Arbor for several years!


Mr. Tramble strongly believes that his role and his student employees’ role reaches beyond the almost 4 million in donations they cultivate.  He and his student staff embrace MSU’s core mission of giving and participate in philanthropy opportunities within the local community, from Haven House to local school drives.   Frank is currently working to broaden student philanthropy across campus by creating the first campus-wide philanthropy project that crosses into both the residential and academic realms of the University.


While Frank clearly enjoys his role and work, I asked him how he navigates challenges in his position.  He stated that although there is inevitable struggle and often reduction in funding, he works in a supportive environment.  Mr. Tramble explained his supervisors are committed and dedicated to ensuring that while they may have less to work with, they will do their absolute best to ensure that initiatives and programs can still exist.


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