Allyson Rogers  |  Communications Manager I
Student Health Center


How long have you been at MSU?  Have you held other positions prior to your current on at the University?

Since 2007—I finished undergrad in 2010 & graduate school in 2012. I had several appointments on campus during graduate school—I was a communications coordinator for the Graduate Student Life & Wellness program for over a year, a research assistant for the Health & Risk Communication Center for 2 years, a teaching assistant my last semester as well as a research assistant at Olin prior to being full time.


Can you tell me a little about what you do? Any specific projects you are working on?

My role at Student Health Services is a novel and evolving one- I am the Health Promotion and Communication Specialist; a duel position split between Communications & Health Education. My main tasks have included analyzing the 2012 MSU National College Health Assessment (NCHA) data for various presentations and publications, managing and writing content for the new Olin Student Health Services website, chairing the communications committee for the MSU Moves program, serving on the social norms and celebrations committees, co-advising the Student Health Advisory Council, and managing social media for both Student Health Services and MSU Moves.


What brought you to your job at MSU?

As a Spartan through and through, the job itself was attractive given my degree background and familiarity with the campus and area. During grad school, I had positions both in a communications as well as health-related research—both encompassing of the position offered in Student Health Services. As a previous research assistant for Olin and interest in both areas, I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a position that relates directly to my masters degree.


What do you love about working at MSU?

The campus and community. I explored different career options and cities, but it is really difficult to beat East Lansing and MSU. The experience, opportunities, and networking available to employees here is hard to come by and something that made the decision to work here an easy one. Also, I work with a great team of coworkers in health education that make my position that much more enjoyable.


Can you share a little about the challenges of working at MSU or Student Health Services?

With such a large campus, cross-departmental communication has been a bit challenging at times. Also, with a brand new position that is split between two departments, my responsibilities and duties can be confusing at times to coworkers and people outside of the department. Oftentimes the two departments overlap, but the balance is something novel (and exciting) to all of us.


What are your favorite things to do when not at work?

Fresh out of grad school, I’m still adjusting to having “free time” after work and on weekends (but loving EVERY minute of it). I just moved into a new place—so that has been fun to decorate and has kept me fairly busy. I also like to run and spend time with friends and family every chance I get!

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