Derek Dubuque  |  Administrative Assistant
Health4U Program and Employee Assistance Program, University Physician’s Office

How long have you been at MSU?
Since August 21, 2002.

Have you been a member of APA the whole time?
Nope: I began as an undergraduate in 2002, came back as a graduate student in 2007, started my current position in 2010, and became an APA member in June 2011.

Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?
As the Administrative Assistant for two programs in the University Physician’s Office, I’m responsible for a good variety of tasks. These include, but are not limited to: phone and e-mail correspondence; client scheduling and assistance; office management; budget reconciliation; statistics assessment and evaluation; program and event planning and scheduling; some web maintenance and updating; and whatever else I can do to ease the work lives of my colleagues.  And, of course, I like to say that a good portion of my job is “other duties as assigned” – there’s always something new to explore!

What brought you to your job at MSU?
Serendipity, I imagine. As mentioned above, I had been around campus for a good few years, most often as a student, but always working in some capacity for a unit on campus. After graduate school, I was hoping to find work in the area, and I was fortunate enough to receive a temp placement in my current office. Just being employed was a blessing, but to be happily so – I couldn’t wait for the chance to apply for the real thing.

What do you love about working at MSU?
First and foremost, the people. My colleagues are amazing, both professionally and interpersonally, and offered a perfect blend of challenge and support to me from day one. They truly are the best at what they do. My position also allows me to interact with a wide variety of individuals in all manner of roles from across campus (and our colleagues outside of East Lansing, as well!), new and old. (That is, folks that I know from “way back when.”)  It’s a great sense of community.

And, of course, campus is beautiful this time of year – any time of year, really!

Can you tell me a little about the benefits and challenges of your job?
The biggest benefit in my mind is the access I have to breadth of knowledge and experience, from my colleagues, as well as from the programs and services they offer. (Fun fact: I attended the “Relaxing Under the Stars” program well before I even knew what the Health4U Program was – I knew these folks were onto something!)

The greatest challenge is probably the matter of awareness. I would love for everyone on campus to be able to sign up for our services – especially those that could really use what we can offer, and just don’t know that we’re here, or that we have so much to offer. But outreach can be challenging: finding just the right way to reach out and show everyone how we can help, without overwhelming them with information.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I enjoy spending time with my wife (married for 3 months and counting!) and our two kitties. Reading, playing games (board and video alike), and taking walks through the changing leaves. I have a few “appointment” TV shows that might take up a weeknight or two, and I also like to read up on science and tech blogs. All around, looking very much forward to what the future holds.

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