APA Members know about new staff in your department or unit long before the APA office receives the information and we need your help to pass along some information.  

The APA only receives notice of newly hired members once a month from MSU Central HR and, depending on when the hiring paperwork is processed, we may not be notified of a new hire for 2 months or even longer.  Once we are notified, we reach out to the new member, via email, and invite them to sign up for an individual meeting or group lunch.

Currently, the email may not be delivered if the new member is using a departmental email and does not forward their MSU netID email to their department account. This will become less of a problem as departments switch to the new MSU email system.

In the interim, if each of you could make sure any new APA staff in your department (new hires, reclassifications or transfers from another bargaining union) have the following information by printing this page and passing it along.

Welcome to the MSU Administrative Professional Association.   We want to make sure all have access to member services, information and benefits, messages from the APA President, newsletters, opportunities to attend educational and training sessions and much more.  Please contact the MSU APA to schedule a new APA member orientation and to complete your membership card.

For additional information visit the APA website at www.msuapa.org or contact 517-999-4004.


We Need Your Help to Welcome New APA Members!