Despite the snowy weather and the flu bug going around, we had a great crowd at the February 12th reception and show at Abrams Planetarium for our exclusive APA member event.   Initially planned as a social event for members and a guest to mingle after hours, the event provided an educational component in a relaxing setting.  Attendees were blown away by the new Digistar 6 star projector which added a whole new dynamic to the program.


“It’s been years since my last visit to Abrams Planetarium and I was just as impressed with the show as I was as a kid!” said Paula Palmiter, APA member.  “It was especially nice to attend the reception prior to the show and chat with other APA members.  I appreciate these social events that the APA Union holds as I believe it builds member unity and provides an opportunity to have some fun and connect with fellow union members.  Well done APA!”  

Starry Night Event A Success