The APA Prize Patrol visited the Human Ecology and MSU Union buildings in June to thank and surprise APA members with treats for displaying the MSU-APA logo (or MEA), sign or swag.  Members were encouraged to attend the APA Town Halls and to provide feedback. As we head into negotiations, it is important to show solidarity and to have others recognize you are part of the largest labor union on campus as we have strength in numbers as we present issues at the bargaining table.   

You never know which area of campus the APA Prize Patrol will be stopping by next. Pull out your swag (APA pens, pins, key chains, lanyard, magnets, etc.) and have it visible in your workplace.  If you don’t have any, attend one of the community lunches or ask an Area Representative or Board Member for some. You can also print off a flyer (from your non-work printer).