Common Questions and Answers on the Announced Campus IT Alignment

 When was the APA informed the campus alignment was going to happen?

 The APA was provided very little notice – around 9:30am on the morning of April 12 – that the announcement was to be made at the ribbon cutting later that day.

 Was the APA consulted in advance regarding the campus IT alignment plan?

 No. The APA is confident an inclusive process could and should have been used by MSU to more effectively make this decision and announcement. Additionally, we know that had the APA and our members serving in IT positions across campus been consulted first it could have alleviated much of the anxiety to those potentially impacted by this change. Rest assured that the APA continues to aggressively advocate for the membership in all aspects of this announced IT alignment.

 What is my job security? Will I be laid off through this alignment process?

 The APA continues to assert members’ legal rights and job protections as this alignment pushes ahead. While MSU has the right to pursue and implement this campus IT alignment under prevailing state and federal law, the APA contract provides further assurances and job security protections for APA members that must equally be upheld.

 Our union has been in continual discussions with the University. MSU has stated that there are no current plans for this alignment to result in layoffs. It is anticipated that those currently employed will continue working at MSU but individuals may experience changes in reporting structures and/or position responsibilities.

 I am working under an H-1B visa. What is MSU going to provide me to maintain my status?

 The APA has ensured those who are working under an H-1B visa status will continue to receive the same level of historical support MSU has provided if new or updated documentation must be provided to the government. The APA is also available for assistance as necessary.

 Are there any exceptions to the campus IT alignment?

 Any exceptions will be extremely limited in scope and generally involves divisions that are funded through grant programs with explicit reporting and operating requirements to maintain their funding.

 When is the alignment supposed to be completed?

 The University initially wanted to move quickly and anticipated they could complete the alignment under an extremely short calendar. However, after further review and questions from the APA, MSU has recognized that more time will be required before making such changes. As of now, the University intends to complete this alignment process by the end of July or early August.

 Who should I call with my additional questions?

APA members should feel free to contact the APA office at 517.999.4004 or via email at with any questions or concerns.

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