Why be in a union?

The union balances power in the workplace.

The Power of the APA/MEA

Union membership is about the balance of power with an Employer. The collective strength of 2,300 members speaking with one voice on key workplace issues balances the power of Michigan State University, with over a $1 billion dollar operating budget.

Power of Bargaining

APA/MEA bargains the wages, hours and working conditions for members working for the University. The APA contract is a legally binding document that is enforced with the resources of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). The resources include bargaining experts, attorneys, researchers and benefit experts. The wide range of resources is comprehensive so that all aspects of the member’s employment are protected.

The APA contract and the 2014-2017 Wages and Health Care Memorandum of Understanding can be found at www.msuapa.org.

Power of Job Protection

Representation – Legal Safety Net

APA/MEA represents members in all situations of workplace issues and contract enforcement. This also includes the enforcement of all labor laws. When not unionized, the law applies to all employees, but the individual would need to hire a personal attorney to enforce it.  Most individual workers do not have the personal funds to provide themselves this comprehensive legal safety net.

The representation of members is in all aspects of workplace issues and enforcement of labor laws. Some specific cases of enforcement are on discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, Wage and Hour Law, and the Fair Labor Standards Act. These laws are enforced with the resources of the MEA so that each member is represented in all aspects of employment.

APA/MEA union membership includes a $1 million dollar liability policy through the National Education Association (NEA).

Job Security – Just Cause

A union contract ensures the process of just cause which ensures appropriate due process and a consistent system of fair treatment. A non-unionized workforce is “at will” which allows the employer to terminate an employee for any reason not legally protected such as race, gender or ethnic origin.

Employee Counseling – Work Place Problem-Solving

Many work situations do not require a legal claim or a grievance, but still is affecting a member’s quality of working conditions. APA leaders and MEA staff give confidential tailored advice to each member based on the individual situation on any workplace issue. Issues may include evaluations, compensation, and workplace conflict.

For more information go to www.msuapa.org or 517-353-4898 or email msuapa@msu.edu

Power of the APA MEA