The performance evaluation process should be valuable time used to get constructive feedback from your supervisor that reflects a review of the last year but also lays out a plan for the following year. It may also be an opportunity for you to set goals. This may include the criteria for the merit portion of the bargained raise for October 1, 2014.

Contractually, the performance evaluation review should be done annually, according to Article 12 Clause 101 of the MSU APA Master Agreement.

If an employee is having performance issues, more frequent evaluations are allowed. The Performance Evaluation Form is standard a form and can be found on the Human Resources website:

The formal evaluation form is one of the few documents that may be placed in an employee’s official personnel folder. In addition, an employee may add additional comments regarding the evaluation to be placed in the personnel file. You have a right to know what is placed in your personnel file which is governed by the Bullard Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act

If you are not evaluated, there is a presumption of satisfactory work.

If you receive an unsatisfactory evaluation and/or placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), you should notify APA President, Maury Koffman at or MEA staff, Melissa Sortman, for advice and support. If you contact your union representative, it will be kept confidential.

You will be reevaluated in ninety days and your union representative can assist you in many ways through the process. The APA representative can, at the member request, call a conference with the evaluator prior to the ninety day evaluation. This meeting can be useful to facilitate a problem solving path versus a punitive one.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, the MSU APA office is (517) 353-4898.


Probationary Evaluation Form:

Performance Development II Form:

Performance Improvement Plan:

Employee Self Review Worksheet:

Meets Expectations? Evaluations