In the October 31 paycheck, APA members saw an across the board increase of one percent (1%) to base wages and an additional one percent (1%) lump sum calculated from the member’s September 30 base salary rate. Due to the staggered bargaining cycle of each labor organization on campus, APA will receive a two percent (2%) increase on base wages in October 2013 and a two percent (2%) increase on base wages in October 2014. The 2013 and 2014 raises will incorporate a portion based on merit.

In addition, special merit salary increases may be granted during the contract year with appropriate approvals outside of the standard increases (Article 17, Clause 131 of the Master Agreement).

The APA contract also provides a Salary Progression Level in Article 17 that increases base salary for those employees whose performance is satisfactory and whose salary has not yet to reached the progression level amount (which is one hundred twenty-five (125%) percent of the minimum hiring level).

All of these wage increases are negotiated under the right to collectively bargain with the University. These wages and process is enforceable and consistent. For these reasons and many other local control issues, it is critical that APA members Vote Yes on Michigan’s Proposal 2 on the November 6 general election ballot.  If you need more information on the right to collectively bargain please go to

If you have any questions regarding wage increases or any other employment question, please call the APA office at (517) 353-4898 or e-mail

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