The opportunities on campus for internal positions are extensive.  MSU-APA represents about 2,300 members in over 300 classifications on multiple campuses across the state. You can search APA and all MSU job classifications on

The postings for new vacancies can be found on the Michigan Applicant Page The postings are updated weekly. Human Resources provides the list of candidates to the employing department. The department must interview at least five APA qualified candidates, Article 14 MSU-APA Collective Bargaining Agreement. A department may also interview outside applicants.

Contractually, a member is allowed time for the purpose of interviewing, but it is up to the discretion of the member to assess whether that is prudent within the current work assignment.

Over time job duties may change that deviate from the job description of the member’s current position. Acquiring additional duties may precipitate a need for reclassification to higher level position.

An assessment will be made by your department and Human Resources on the duties/responsibilities of the position and the knowledge and skill levels required. A department and the Association both may initiate a request for a position reclassification.

A reclassification requires no less than the minimum salary of the higher grade level. It is also a minimum of a five percent salary increase for a higher grade level and ten percent for promoted two or more grade levels, Article 13 and 15 MSU-APA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

A lowering of a grade level may be construed as discipline; it is recommended a member facing this issue contact the APA Office at (517) 353-4898 for assistance.

Know Your Contract – Hiring and Reclassification