Employees who are grade level AP 08 through 11 are eligible for overtime at the rate of time and one-half for scheduled hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week. Compensatory time at the same rate may be used where mutually agreed to by the Employee and the Unit Administrator. If a department indicates they cannot pay the overtime money and can only give the employee comp time, this is inaccurate. The default is an employee is entitled to the cash payment, but if the employee would prefer the comp time and their unit administrator agrees, then comp time should be entered into EBS.

An employee cannot enter their own comp time in EBS; it must be done by the supervisor. It is important that the comp time gets entered into EBS and not kept on a “spreadsheet in the department”, because in the event a supervisor leaves, the incoming supervisor may be unaware that an employee has comp time on the books if it is not entered into the EBS system which is the official time and attendance system for the university.

Unit administrators or designees are responsible for the approval of overtime prior to the performance of work. Approval means time worked as directed by the Employee’s supervisor and does not include casual or unscheduled time spent at work beyond the normal workday or work week.

Per Article 18 of the APA contract, Employees at grade level AP 12 and above are not eligible for overtime pay. However, where unusual staffing and work requirements exist, the unit administrator may approve compensatory time off equal to the number of overtime hours worked.

For employees who are unsure what their grade level is:

· Log onto EBS

· Click on the Personal Profile tile

· Under “Salary Data”, look at the numbers which appear to the right of Pay scale level and this will be your grade level.

Please note that in health care delivery facilities where bi-weekly work schedules of eighty (80) hours are maintained, overtime pay or compensatory time off will be given for any overtime eligible employees scheduled for hours worked in excess of eighty (80) hours in a bi-weekly period.

How To Know If You Are Eligible for Overtime