One of the highest ranked concerns of any professional employee group is wages, and APA is no different.  Your bargained contract provides numerous ways your salary can be increased in addition to your established benefits and other compensation.


Bargained Wage Increase

APA and the Coalition of Labor Organizations (CLO) at MSU bargain collectively a wage and health care agreement that includes across the board wage increases. The current agreement runs through December 31, 2013.


The current APA Contract runs through September 30, 2015. Under the APA the contract, there will be a two percent (2%) wage increase on October 1, 2013. There will be an additional two percent (2%) wage increase on October 1, 2014. The wage increase will be distributed according to the 60% merit and 40% across-the-board formula found in Article 17 of the APA Contract and the Letter of Agreement on Merit Guidelines.  All wage increase funds allocated to a unit must be distributed to members in the bargaining unit.


Salary Progression Level Increase

The APA Contract provides an automatic increase for those members whose wages are below the Progression Level amounts found in Article 17 IV of the contract.  Each January eligible employees shall receive a three percent (3%) increase up to the Progression Level amount.


Off Schedule Merit Salary Increase

A unit can give a raise at any time for any amount. It is called an off-schedule merit salary raise. There are no maximum salaries for any grade level. There is no contractual restriction on a member receiving a raise and a member can request a raise at any time. Requesting a raise during the annual review period is particularly appropriate.



Job duties for a member’s current position may change enough to require a reclassification of their position. The salary for position reclassified and promoted to a higher grade level can be no lower than the minimum salary for the higher grade level.


A reclassification for a position is typically requested through the unit administrator, but the APA can request a review through the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources. The Office of Resource Staffing Services reviews the requests for reclassification.



A change to a higher grade level as a promotion under the APA Contract requires a minimum of a five percent (5%) wage increase for one grade level increased and ten percent (10%) for two or more levels increased or placed at the minimum of the higher grade level, whichever is greater. The provisions of a promotion can be found in Article 15 of the APA Contract.


Equity Review

An equity review can be requested to bring a member’s wages in line with other individuals in the unit and/or on campus with similar years of University service and job classification. Contact Human Resources Staffing Service Office at 353-3720.


Please contact the APA Office with any further questions or concerns at (517) 353-4898 or

How Do I Get a Raise?