APA Winter Coat Drive: Nov 26 – Dec 21

Many deserving MSU students need a coat, hat, or other winter clothing this season.  APA is working in conjunction with the Migrant Student Services programs to collect warm garments in order to help see these students through the cold Michigan weather. Of particular need are students from migrant labor families coming to MSU for the dream of education, but with few funds and no experience with freezing temperatures.

Please contribute new or good condition coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots to any of the following locations between November 26 and December 21.

250 Administration – Aleida Martinez – marti995@msu.edu

205 Berkey Hall – Trudy Wesley – wesleyt@msu.edu

250 W Akers Hall – Sue Brandt – brandts@msu.edu

115 Erickson Hall – Sue Carpenter – carpen16@msu.edu

Physical Plant, IT Dept – David Graff – dsgraff@pplant.msu.edu

300 Spartan Way – Laura Peek – lpeek@msu.edu

126 Natural Resources – Carol Graysmith – graysmit@msu.edu

C246 Holden Hall – Elias Lopez – lopezel1@vps.msu.edu

Foyer E & W Fee Halls “Simple Gifts” – Pat.Grauer@hc.msu.edu

B419 Clinical Center – Jackie Botsford – Jackie.Botsford@hc.msu.edu

A218 Life Science – Deborah Sudduth – Deborah.Sudduth@hc.msu.edu

93 Kellogg Center – Cindy Helms – chelms@msu.edu

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