As you know the current APA contract runs through September 30, 2019. Since January 2019, the APA has engaged the membership, appointed a bargaining team, and is currently in contract negotiations with MSU for a successor contract. It is our hope and expectation that a new agreement will be reached prior to the September 30 date and presented to the APA membership for review and a ratification vote.

The APA concluded three bargaining sessions in August. The University was only willing to meet on August 8, 15, and 21 given campus schedules and students return. We also met at the bargaining table on September 4, 10, and 11. MSU has confirmed additional bargaining sessions with the APA for September 25 and 30. We are currently working to add additional dates.


Through our member input survey, community luncheons, bargaining town halls, and phone and email communications, the membership made it clear that they want the bargaining team to address key issues like paid parental leave, improved dental coverage, increase of University time off and more inclusive holidays, as well as items like job security rights for off-date employees, department sick leave policies, and improvement to professional development access. Rest assured your bargaining team has entered proposals on all of those topics and many others.


Because of our requirement and commitment to bargain in good faith, we cannot share the exact proposals. We are working on every issue members have brought to attention and we are optimistic in reaching a successor contract that will outline improvements and enhancements from our current contract. Once we have a tentative agreement, full details will be shared with the entire APA membership and contract information sessions will be held so members can discuss the changes before having to cast their ratification vote.


As substantive progress is made at the bargaining table we will be sure to keep the membership updated. Please do not hesitate to contact the APA office if you have questions or concerns related to ongoing contract negotiations with MSU.

APA Successor Contract Bargaining Update