The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to serve as a liaison between the APA Executive Board and the Michigan Education Association-Political Action Committee (MEA-PAC). Additionally, the Legislative Committee aims to connect our APA Members with the federal, state and local issues that may affect them and their employment at MSU.  

July 24th was APA’s Meet the Candidates Event.  Thank you to all of the members who came for this event!  In total, we had 12 Board of Trustees Candidates come to discuss the future of MSU. We want to thank all of the members and candidates who attended this event.  

August 7th is primary day in the State of Michigan!  For a complete list of candidates in the 2018 Primary, please visit the Secretary of State Website or this link.  In East Lansing, voters will decide on an Income Tax Proposal. This proposal will impact our membership by imposing a 1% income tax on residents and 0.5% income tax on non-residents. For more information on this proposal, visit this Link. Get out and vote!   

Did you know that your dues dollars cannot be contributed to political candidates?  APA members wishing to support can do so through a voluntary contribution to the MEA Political Action Committee (MEA-PAC).  

Interested in getting involved with the APA Legislative Committee?  Please contact Erik Maillard ( for more information.  

APA Legislative Committee Update