by Tonya Jamison

Dear Members,

I hope all is well with you and your family and friends! COVID-19 is impacting us all. For some, it has meant (re)learning how the legislative system works, understanding what powers the state governors have versus the President of the United States. Plus learning new terms like “Executive Orders” and their impact on your own life and those around you.

As the APA legislative chair, I wanted to provide you with some helpful COVID-19 links during these times, but before I do that, I would like to provide a link to something to keep you uplifted.

The GoodHousekeeping site is a place to go when you need a positive word.

Make sure you are checking for updates as this website is a great resource to keep you informed during these ever-evolving times.

Some other recommended sites are:

1. The John Hopkins site is the most comprehensive site for Coronavirus worldwide.

2. The CDC (COVID-19) site has information and ways to minimize the spread of virus.

3. State of Michigan COVID-19 site. which also provides quick links to K-12 school meal pick up sites, updates from MDHHS and news releases from the Executive Office of the Governor for the State of Michigan.

Be well, be kind, and maintain a distance of six feet from others.

Have a great day!

APA Legislative Committee Update