APA Coat Drive

The MSU Administrative Professional Association’s (MSU APA) Community Based Events Committee is pleased announce the start of our annual Winter Coat Drive, September 23 – October 25, in partnership with MSU’s Migrant Student Services Program and Family Resource Center.

Each year many deserving MSU students are in need of a coat, hat, or other winter clothing. The APA is working to collect warm garments to help see these students through the cold Michigan weather.

In particular need are students from migrant labor families coming to MSU for the dream of education, but with few funds and no experience with freezing temperatures.

New this year, MSU-APA will be partnering with the Lansing Public Schools Education Association in running a parallel drive. Children’s coats and additional winter wear collected by the APA will go to support the needy students of Lansing Public Schools. Lansing Schools will likewise be sharing their additional winter wear with MSU.

Last year’s APA coat drive resulted in nearly 550 garments and our goal is to meet and exceed the 2012 success. Please contribute clean new or in good condition coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots to any of the following locations between September 23 and October 25.  Adult and children’s sizes are needed.

Collection Locations and Contacts

Administration Bldg., Rm 50 — Michael Braem — braemmic@osp.msu.edu

Administration Bldg., Rm 250 — Abby Parks — parksab@msu.edu

Agriculture, Morrill Hall of, Rm 207 — Kay Barber — barberk@anr.msu.edu

Angell Bldg., Purchasing Office — Nancy Vanderwest — vanderw3@usd.msu.edu

Berkey Hall, Rm 205 — Trudy Wesley — wesleyt@msu.edu

Biomedical & Physical Science Bldg., Rm 1441 — Renee Starkey — starkeyr@msu.edu

Broad Business Complex, Rm 505 — Debbie Richards — richards@broad.msu.edu

City Center, 325 Michigan Ave, Ste 350 — Janelle Flores — floresj4@msu.edu

Clinical Center, Rm B419 — Jackie Botsford — Jackie.Botsford@hc.msu.edu

Communications Arts & Sciences Bldg., Rm. 201 — Trajan Dubiel — dubieltr@msu.edu

Computer Center, Rm 201 — Mary Patterson — patter38@msu.edu

Cyclotron, Lobby — Lauren Mollon — mollonl@frib.msu.edu

Engineering Bldg., Rm 3536C — Nicole Proctor — proctorn@egr.msu.edu

Erickson Hall, Rm 501 — Angel Boshea — boshea@msu.edu

Fee Halls, E &W Lobbies — Pat Grauer — Pat.Grauer@hc.msu.edu

Hannah Tech Center, Ste 200A — Kathy Paradise — paradise@msu.edu

Holden Hall, Rm C249 — Elias Lopez — lopezel1@vps.msu.edu

Holmes Hall, Rm W185 — Sue Brandt — brandts@rhs.msu.edu

Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities, Rm 123 — David Graff — dsgraff@ipf.msu.edu

International Center, Rm 7 — Laura Wise — lauraw@msu.edu

Kellogg Center, Rm 93 — Cindy Helms — chelms@msu.edu

Library (Main), Circulation Desk — Susan Garmo — garmo@mail.lib.msu.edu

Life Science Bldg., Rm A218 — Deborah Sudduth — Deborah.Sudduth@hc.msu.edu

Linton Hall, Rm 317B — Dawn Lehman — lehman@msu.edu

Natural Resources Bldg., Rm 131 — Kim Richards — richards@anr.msu.edu

Natural Science Bldg., Rm 243 — Pat Sutherland — suther24@cns.msu.edu

Nisbet Bldg., Ste 10 — Todd Bradley — bradl264@hr.msu.edu

Olds Hall, Rm 101 — Venice Smith — smithde4@pres.msu.edu

Olin Health Center, Rm 355 — Erica Phillipich — Erica.Phillipich@hc.msu.edu

Plant & Soil Science Bldg., Rm A288 — Emily Flanner — flannere@msu.edu

Secchia Center, Ste 450 — Cynthia Vincent — Cynthia.Vincent@hc.msu.edu

Spartan Way, Rm 300 — Laura Peek — lpeek@msu.edu

Student Services Bldg., Rm 339 — Juan Flores-Soto — floresj2@msu.edu

Surplus Store & Recycling Center, Admin Offices — Lauren Olson — olsonla3@msu.edu —

Veterinary Medical Center, Bldg G Lobby — Kaye Boucher — boucher3@cvm.msu.edu

Wells Hall, Rm C-715 — Judy Miller — miller@math.msu.edu