The MSU APA Communications and Public Relations committee is currently responsible for the following:

  • Publishing of the MSU APA Newsletter
  • Provide social or public relations benefits
  • Provide other communications as directed by the MSU APA Executive Board

For more information on the APA Communications Committee, please contact Jen Shangraw at or Sue Brandt at


APA Editorial Policy:

APA communications, printed and electronic, are the Association’s vehicle for communicating issues that confront us as workers and are the means we use to explain union policies, and provide information on the views and actions of the elected leadership for evaluation by members. Those vehicles are also the voice of the membership and we welcome articles, stories and letters from members, and encourage members to share their input.

While contributions are welcome, they should be constructive and contribute positively to the welfare of our union. We will accept no attacks on any union leader or member. We will accept a thoughtful discussion of all related issues in the letters section, and reserve the right to reply to those that seem to reflect a misunderstanding of the union and its policies.

Please direct ideas, letters, questions and comments to the Association officers.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the APA at

Lunch & Learn Presentation Materials:

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