Area Representatives

The Administrative-Professional Association facilities a network of Area Representatives. ARs are considered an initial point of contact for members seeking guidance in understanding and applying the contract to their work environment.  Other duties of ARs include distributing Association materials upon request of the Executive Board and keeping the Association Chairperson and Executive Board informed of important developments on campus.

A map of the areas of representation may be found here: APA Area Map

If you are facing immediate issues regarding discipline, layoff, or termination, please call the APA Office directly: (517) 999-4004

Shawn Mahorney College of Music (517) 355-4583
Grimaldo Robles College of Music (517) 355-2140
Jennifer Patterson Agriculture & Natural Resources Dean’s Office (517) 355-7494
Alison Virag McCann IT Services (517) 884-3037
Sue Brandt RHS-Auxiliarly Svcs (517) 355-9306
Dennis Seybert Purchasing (517) 884-6242
David Graff Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities (517) 432-0242
Cindy Helms Outreach & Engagement (517) 353-8977
Bruce Lack Migrant Student Services (517) 432-4479
Martin McDonough Infrastructure, Planning & Facilities (517) 884-7292
Erin West Animal Science (517) 353-8777

MSU Administrative Professional Association Area Representative Liaisons:

Maurice Koffman

Nicholas Bourland

Melissa Sortman

For more information on the Area Representative program, please contact Nick Bourland at

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