2020 APA Election Information

The APA Nominations and Elections Committee is appointed each year in January as required by the Constitution and Bylaws.  The committee will determine the timeline and dates of the election and communicate information to the membership including how many positions and what type are open and explain the nominations and elections process.

As per the APA Constitution and Bylaws, elections are to be held annually and shall be conducted by March 31. Terms on the APA Executive Board are staggered each year and seats are elected for three-year terms. If any vacancies have occurred on the board, elections to fill the remaining terms of any open seats are held at the same time, along with any elections for MEA/NEA/RA Delegates.

Since the APA is part of the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association, there are duties associated with these affiliates which include evening and weekend events including the Representative Assemblies and other appropriate meetings to keep the APA informed of actions by these bodies.

Individuals must be APA members in good standing to nominate or be nominated for office.

This communication serves as notice of the election and the opening of candidate nominations.  All nominations must be submitted via email to the chair of the APA 2020 Nominations and Elections Committee, Jamie Lynn Marks at marksjam@msu.edu beginning Friday, Feb 1, 2020, through 5:00 pm on February 17, 2020.

A paper-based ballot option is available by contacting the Elections Chair.

For questions, please contact the APA Nominations and Elections Committee Members:   Jamie Lynn Marks (Chair), Jared AndrewsTonya Jamison, Kasey Wilson, and Kandy Slack.   

2020 Election Dates

F3b 3, 2020 – Nomination are now open. Submit to marksjam@msu.edu.

March 11 to March 18, 2020 – Election is open

March 18, 2020 – Election results counted and members notified via MAUAPA listserv.

2020 Open Postions

APA Executive Board

Five (5) full-term three-year positions on APA Executive Board ending in 2023 

One (1) one-year partial term position on APA Executive Board ending 2021 


MEA/NEA/RA Delegate

Five (5) full-term three-year positions for MEA/NEA Representative Assembly Delegate ending 2023 

One (1) one-year partial term position for MEA/NEA Representative Assembly Delegate ending 2021